Czech Costume Progress

The fabric arrived last week that I ordered for the vests for the Czech costumes that I am going to make for next year’s National Polka Festival. It is a black brocade with pink, blue and lavender flowers throughout on a brass colored vine. This fabric will be used for the men’s and woman’s vests, the stripe around the bottom of the skirt, and as ribbon embellishment throughout the costumes as needed. I am hoping to have enough fabric to make vests for myself, my husband, dad, and grandson William. To get an idea of what the costumes will look like you can go here. Throughout this process I would love to have comments and suggestions. Progress photos will be posted as the costumes develop.

Brocade fabric for vests

2 thoughts on “Czech Costume Progress

  1. Hi DK –

    I’ve just found your website. I’m in the SF Bay Area & am trying to design a Czech costume for my 7-yr-old who. Our school holds an International Day instead of Halloween. After reading your posts, I wondered if you are using any particular patterns as a starting point for your work. Any advice you could give me would be welcome – you can email me back at cccniles at sbcglobal dot net.

    Thanks! Christina

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