Dragon Wings – formerly known as MS#3

My Mystery Stole #3 will now be known to me and mine as Dragon Wings.  In my opinion this is a much better name for my completed stole.  Let me explain.

I have decided not to do the “wing” section of the Mystery Stole #3. The theme of this stole is Swan Lake, because the designer developed an asymmetrical design with a pointed shaped end and a feathery wing shape to the other end. I had every intention of completing this stole as designed, but after seeing other’s finished stoles I realized that if I did complete the stole as designed I would probably never wear it.

Sometimes it pays to be behind others working on a project like this because you can see what the finished product will look like before you get there. Having said that, I am not fond of the feathery wing portion of the stole and have decided to follow (somewhat) the designer’s instructions for a symmetrical version.

Once I decided to knit the symmetrical version I wanted to knit this stole all in one piece (no grafting). I have the directions for completing the symmetrical version in all one piece, but as best I can tell the central swirl design is not there and I can’t get my head around charting the decreases to come to the point at the other end. SOOOOO, I am just going to do the two sections separately and graft them together. Stay tuned…..

3 thoughts on “Dragon Wings – formerly known as MS#3

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog – that doesn’t happen very often because of the necessity to sign in.

    Is it the asymmetrical shape of the stole or the that you dislike, or the pattern of the wing, or the way the two different patterns adjoin each other? The latter is what makes me still hesitate. But I read some thoughts about this “break” (?? No idea if this is what I want to say… language barrier….) in a german knitting blog and now I think I will knit the stole as designed.

  2. I happened to find your blog through a link to your Yahoo Group Secretofthestole. I just joined BTW.
    My MS3 isn’t finished either and just like you I am going to make it in two pieces and then graft them together. The original version isn’t quite appealing to me, I don’t think I would wear it often. Maybe I will just have to wait and see how yours turns out.

  3. I just finished and blocked my MS3, I’m glad I did it the way it was designed because I learned a lot but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it much either. I may try a double-wing version and a symmetrical first-pattern version sometime.

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