Mystery Stole – Clue 4, Chart E Complete

Mystery Stole, Clue 4, Chart E is complete and as I was nearing row 302 on chart F (the row at which one must decide whether to lengthen the stole or not) I found an error I had made two rows back as I was nearing the end of row 297. I started tinking only to figure out that I had to fix the second row back, not the row I was tinking down to. The error was fixed by taking another needle and (carefully) tinking that lower row, knitting that row back correctly and then re-knitting the top, tinked row. If this is marginally confusing to you that is ok because it was ridiculously difficult to perform this task too. The stole is now back on track and I have decided to lengthen it as per the instructions. Here is the stole through row 299.

Mystery Stole - Clue 4, Chart E Complete

4 thoughts on “Mystery Stole – Clue 4, Chart E Complete

  1. Hi DK

    I came to your site through the Christmas Around The World Knitters Swap. Can’t wait to tell my nearest and dearest about your blog. She’s been trying to talk me into running away from landlocked Canberra to live on a sailing boat. She tells me knitting would be even better done on the water.

    Belinda (SisterSticks)

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