Joyful Tinking

I have to tink a row and I am excited about it. Let me tell you why. When I joined the Mystery Stole #3 group I really didn’t know why I was joining. Yes, there was a free lace knitting pattern involved. However, I do not own a stole, and had never thought about buying one, much less creating one. But, I guess I figured it was lace knitting with beads which I love, I already had the supplies on hand, which is rare and the Yarn Harlot (enabler that she is) sucked me into it with one blog post.

Now I am hooked. Not only because the stole by Melanie is quite beautiful, or because it involves beads and knitting combined. But I am convinced that there was even a larger reason for me to join the group, Friendship. You see, I have met many very wonderful knitters through the yahoo groups over the years. But, I have never found one that was right down the street from me until now.

Reba lives about 2 miles down the road from me and we met through the mystery stole #3 group. We met up for the first time this Saturday at Joe Muggs (Books-A-Million) and spent about 2 hours chatting and knitting. That is why I have to tink. We were both having such a good time that I got to the end of my chart and I still had about 10 stitches on the needle to go. It didn’t matter. I now have a lace knitting friend close by and that is definitely worth it. So, here we are with our stoles in progress.

DK (aka Nautical Knitter) and Reba

2 thoughts on “Joyful Tinking

  1. So that’s why I joined?!?!? I have never done a KAL before and really didn’t know WHY I was joining. I think it must have been the hand of fate, LOL! : )

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