Mystery Clue 1, Chart A Complete

Mystery Stole #3 chart A has been completed. I really like the way this yarn and bead combination is working out. I am using addi turbo size 4US (3.5mm) and Skacel Merino Lace yarn color #417 (Navy Blue). The beads are 3mm fire polish Czech Glass beads in Iris Purple.

Mystery Clue 1, Chart A CompleteSince I could not find a crochet hook small enough to go through the hole of the beads, I decided to use a needle and thread combination that is actually working better than I had expected. I load the beads on the thread and when I need to add a bead I put the needle through the loop of the yarn stitch I need to add it to, run the needle back through the bead closest to the needle, slip the thread off the left knitting needle, run the bead down on to the yarn stitch, place the yarn stitch on to the working needle and pull out the thread from the stitch.

Is anybody out there?

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