Contacting the mother ship

This Saturday we installed what is to be the first of several radio antennas on the roof of our house. Scott climbed to the top of the roof and mounted the mast and antenna while I ran around on the ground fetching tools and lending moral support. After it was installed we went into attic to retrieve and feed the wiring from the antenna on the roof down the inside of the wall of his office and then out at the base of the wall by an electrical outlet. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe the temperature in the attic! The hole saw’s that we own have been used for years and are quite crappy so after fighting with the hole drilling for a while Scott decided to bring out the big guns. I retrieved the new sledge hammer and it did the trick. Now the scanner is working great with the new antenna installed. It does look a bit sci-fi though. Can’t wait to see what configuration the next one has.

Check out the view from up here. Don’t fall!! The right tool for the job!! Installed

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