I want my mommy!!

There is a history to that statement. You see, in any of our business enterprises we have undertaken my mother and dad have always been there to help as, jokingly, free labor. Mom has always learned how to do tasks associated with the business and dad has made many of the products we have sold. When we had the quilting business and traveled the country my parents would meet us in their motor home and help us work the shows, as well as make the products we sold. We moved into the bead business and mom was there to help count all those little packages of beads. We have moved on again into the book business I really haven’t given much thought to what their roles would be now.

That is until last week. After we had the pallets of books delivered to us (previous post) we began preparing to leave last Friday on a trip to Florida to look at a sail boat. On Thursday afternoon we collected another donation of about the same amount of books that we had received earlier in the week. The books were delivered to our driveway and when we got home around 6pm we had to move them all into the house before we could pack for the trip. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

From the photos below you can see why I want my mommy!!

book1.jpg book2.jpg book3.jpg
book4.jpg book5.jpg

Is anybody out there?

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