Clean up begins

Yesterday we had a wonderful break in the weather and a simply gorgeous afternoon. So, we decided to take the mast and boom off the boat and remove all the remaining “stuff” from the inside. Scott gave the boat a much needed vacuuming and then we looked at the things that needed to be done to get her back in the water again. She will need some serious cleaning inside and out. The teak needs to be oiled or replaced. Scott will replace the wench that brings the keel up and down. We knew the keel would not raise or lower and this was the only thing that was mechanically wrong with the boat, but we didn’t know what the problem was until we got in there yesterday and started taking things apart. Luckily we found that the cable was broken and the wench needed to be replaced. That is the best we could have hoped for. As for me, I am going to set about replacing the hatch boards (which are made of 3/8″ plywood right now) and then I will go on to reupholstering the cushions. 1970’s yellow is not my color.

mast and stuff from inside inside after stuff removed suck it up the vacuum expert

Is anybody out there?

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