Auburn Football Season 2006

Football season is in full swing and living in Auburn has given us the opportunity to experience it this year like never before. We have been to several games already this year with a few more “big” games to go. Auburn’s only loss so far was this weekend to Arkansas and although the weather was perfect for a football game, high 70’s and sunny, the game was quite sad. Anyway, here are some photos of the season thus far and a little explanation of some of the traditions of Auburn University Football.

Parking for the football games is always an adventure here. Generally, you get as close as you can and then hike the 1/4 to 3/4 mile trek across campus to the stadium. The walk is not difficult and when the weather is pleasant the tailgating atmosphere closer to the stadium becomes more festive and anticipatory. Here are a few sites to see on the way to the stadium.

Samford Hall

Toomer’s Drug Store (more on this later)

Prior to entering the stadium the Auburn players walk through the fans down a long street that leads them directly into the tunnel. This tradition is called Tiger Walk and is attended by thousands of fans each game day who come to see the players (and coaches) and cheer them on.

This year Scott and I were treated to a tour of the field prior to one of the games. The field is crowned to allow for run off of water and you can really see this from ground level. Something else you can see from ground level is the actual size of the players. I knew they were big guys, but WOW!

Scott and Larry

Auburn Players

Tight End, Tommy Trott

The Defensive Line

The Quarterback, Brandon Cox

Just prior to kick off the band comes out from the tunnel and marches around the outer ring of the field playing for the fans.



Our seats for the games this year have been near mid field, but way high in the upper deck. I really like these seats because you get a wonderful view of the entire field as well as the campus. One advantage we had by having these seats was the ability to see the eagle, Spirit, take off in flight to circle the stadium before landing mid field. The trainers released her from right behind where we were sitting and it was so cool to see (and almost touch) her as she took off.

Taking Off

Pre-game festivities continue with the band taking the field and spelling out various forms of Auburn, AU, etc. They eventually end up forming the shape of an eagle and when the National Anthem is sung the flag is outstretched in the center. Following this there is sometimes a fly over by some type of military plane or helicopter squadron.

Band in eagle formation

Fly Over

Post game festivities consist of making the trek back through campus to the previously chosen parking location for the day. If the outcome of the game was a win for Auburn then this trek is rerouted by way of Toomer’s Drug Store (see above). There is a long standing tradition in Auburn called Rolling Toomer’s Corner . This tradition calls for the trees located across the street, diagonally from the drug store to be rolled, yes, in toilet paper in the event of a win.

Fans on their way to Toomer’s Drug Store

Rolling Toomer’s Corner

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