R & R = Reconnection and Recommitment

This past month has been quite a whirlwind of activity for Scott and me. We have been so busy with work, travel, and other things that there has been no time to blog about it. It seems that the more “blog worthy” activities we are involved in, the less time there is to “blog” about them. Anyway, the house construction has been at a stand still since the siding was installed last month so I thought I would take the opportunity to update our handful of readers, yes both of you, on our latest adventures.

Scott and I took off for a long weekend last month, July 13-17, to do as Jimmy Buffet would say “just to try and recall the whole year”. Actually, we did more than recall the past year, but more like the last 13 years of our married life. We took the time during this trip to reconnect to each other as husband and wife and to recommit our lives to each other. It is amazing how disconnected and alone two people can become when living under the same roof. So we treated this trip as a second (private) wedding and honeymoon, just for us. We had a wonderful time, saw and experienced many new things, as you can see in the photos in this post and the ones to follow. We came back home refreshed, more in love than ever and ready to tackle all our future challenges together.

Enjoy the photos and if you haven’t already, tell someone you love them today….

The Beginning – Our New Wedding Day

We exchanged new rings on July 14 at the end of the 7 mile bridge in the Florida Keys. This was a perfect setting for our ceremony because it is one of our most treasured places. It is a place that we both love and now a place that holds a completely new place in both our hearts.

Deborah’s Ring

Scott’s Ring

The Hotel
We arrived at the Key Ambassador on Friday night and were excited to find our room overlooked, not only the pool, but the ocean as well. Throughout the weekend we were able to sit on our private, screened patio where we had long talks and even watched the sun rise several times.

Best Western Key Ambassador

We dined at the Island Dog on Front street just off Duval and around the corner from the famous Sloppy Joe’s. The food at Island Dog was good and the evening was complete when we danced alone on the tiny dance floor to the music from the live band.

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