Giving Thanks

This year we were invited to the home of a couple from church for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack and Jane Sanders were so gracious and the food was delicious. Here is the view from their front living room.

This was an especially meaningful Thanksgiving because we shared it with the Sanders and the Sams. Bob and Jean Sams have come to mean a lot to us since we have been here in Creede. Bob has recently found out that he has cancer in all of his bones and the doctor told them that it is really just a matter of time before he is gone. The doctor told them to enjoy every day to the fullest. This would seem quite devastating to most of us, but Bob and Jean have been married for over 60 years and Bob is 85. They have lived a beautiful life full of adventures, with many memories to share. We will miss them dearly when we leave this place.

Jack & Jane Sanders, Jean & Bob Sams, Scott

Scott, myself and Jean Sams

Is anybody out there?

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