Never Enough Time

The shawl pattern that I have been working on for my sister in law for Christmas has been in the time out corner for over two weeks now and Christmas is looming large in the window. So, I have decided to forgo the creation of a unique pattern for her shawl and instead to make for her the “Stora Dimun Shawl” from Folk Shawls. The pattern calls for sport weight, but I am going to use Essential sock weight yarn from Knit Picks.

Frost Flowers and Leaves is coming along quite nicely. The periodic shifting of the pattern to the left has been a small challenge, but so far so good. I worked on this shawl throughout this past weekend while I was holed up in a hotel room in Denver. Scott flew out of Denver to go to a college football game and I stayed behind to shop and knit for the weekend. It was fabulous! Denver has tons of thrift shops and it is a very easy city to navigate. So I spent the entire weekend bargain shopping and knitting. Saturday I actually walked into the first thrift shop only to find that they were having a 50% off everything sale for that day only. Well, can you imagine what I walked out with? I came home with sweaters from J. Crew, Old Navy, and Lord & Taylor. A skirt from Harrods, several Tupperware pieces, and many books all made it into my basket as well. It was a fruitful weekend.

On a sad note, my shaped triangle shawl is at a standstill. The stitch count is off somewhere and I have not had a minute to spare since we have been back to try to fix her. Work piles up when we are out of town and I am just now getting a chance to breathe again. She will have to wait for a quiet moment to be fixed, possibly next week some time.

I should be completely caught up with work by the time we leave again in a couple of weeks. We are going to Alabama for the Auburn/Alabama football game and for a visit with friends and family. Who knows which shawl will make the trip? There is just never enough time.

Is anybody out there?

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