Meeting William

This past weekend I took a trip to Alabama to meet my new grandson. He is perfect in every way, of course. After arriving in Atlanta on Friday afternoon, I made the drive to Montgomery, AL in time to have dinner with William and his parents. Here he is in his new hats I made for him.

The weekend was extremly busy and included a trip to my inlaws farm so they could meet him as well. This is my husband’s sister, Sarah, holding William. Having six children of her own I think she knows what she is doing.

On Saturday my mother, grandmother and step-dad arrived and we were able to take a 5 generation photo.

I consider myself lucky to have not one, but two such photos, as they are quite rare. Of course, once they all arrived I lost all holding privilages where the baby was concerned.

Sunday was a very long day that started at 4am central time with the drive back to Atlanta to catch my flight back to Denver (and then a 5 hour drive home from there). The long days were worth it though and I am looking forward to returning to Montgomery around Thanksgiving for another (short) visit.

Is anybody out there?

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