Kiri is Finished

I can’t believe it is finally finished. Actually, it was a fast knit. This shawl is a fantastic beginner’s lace project and I learned so much through doing it. This is my first attempt at lace knitting and I did put it aside for a little while to work on the Mystery Shawl #1. However, after running out of yarn (light blue/grey)I decided to go with a dark blue edging yarn in the same weight. I ran out of that yarn too so I had to cast off where I ended up. After all that, I think she is just beautiful and I am tickled with the finished product. So, here she is:

The photos are a little washed out. The blues are actually a dark sapphire tone. The yarn for this project was gifted to me by a knitting friend (Laura) and I can’t wait for her to see what I did with it. I think I will make this pattern again, except this time I will purchase the required amount of yarn for the project ahead of time.

Is anybody out there?

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