Every Exit is an Entrance to Somewhere Else

It is difficult to say goodbye to friends and to leave a place you have come to call home. We left North Carolina last week to travel to Texas where we will be staying for a month or so before going to Colorado for the rest of the year. Eddie, Nora, Leslie, Jerry, Josh and Obidiah (pictured below) had come to be our serogate family while we were in North Carolina for the last year and a half. We will miss them greatly.

Nora showing off her new North Carolina dish cloth that I knitted for her.

Here are some more friends we made while at Twin Lakes. We watched this mother duck raise these babies from hatchlings to this size. Somewhere along the way they picked up a friend who would follow them around and he became like a foster parent.

Before leaving North Carolina we had to have the sailboat pulled out of the water and put into dry storage. We had to do this because when Scott went out to close her up and batten her down for the season he found that she was taking on water. The sheath that surrounds the swing keel had a small fracture in the fiberglass and was leaking. Luckily, he found this out before we left and we were able to get it taken out of the water. Now it will spend this hurricane season on land where it is safer anyway.

We left North Carolina and headed for Dallas, Texas. It was so hot outside that our generator would not hold power for the air conditioner to stay on. So, we sweated a lot. We decided to make it a 3 day drive instead of 4 and arrived here in Texas on the 2nd of July. Blazer and Aubie were so happy to be plugged in to shore power and to have air conditioning again. Here is Blazer showing his relief.

Although we will miss our friends we are very excited about our future adventures in Colorado. Scott is planning on getting back into his photography and I am looking forward to knitting a lot during the colder months.

Is anybody out there?

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