Birthday Surprises

What a wonderful birthday I had this year! Thirty nine is not so bad when you have people around you that love you and a Father in heaven who guides you.

Scott and I celebrated my birthday this year by installing a new washer and dryer in the bus. They work like a dream! No more laundr-o-mats for us! Yipee =0)

Here is a picture of Scott watching the washer spin:

Then we went to dinner at a little steak house here in town. They are small in size only. There are no menus and the chef/cook comes out from the back (if it is your first time dining there) with a huge slab of meat on a very large cutting board. He explains their dining selections (steak or chicken) and then retreats to the back to prepare what you ask for. The sides were baked potato or sweet potato and salad bar. The dinner was wonderful, but $50 for the two of us was quite steep. Oh well, it was our first (and probably last) time dining there.

At dinner Scott surprised me with a new camera. I have been wanting one for some time now so that I can take pictures for this blog and other group stuff.

So since I have the camera now I can take a picture of the gift my wonderful friend Cathy sent me. She is such a wonderful blessing and truly a gift from God. Here is what she sent.

She sent me a wonderful book and a really neat scarf that she knitted for me.

Is anybody out there?

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