Feathers and Fans

About a week ago I started a new shawl using the Feather & Fan pattern. It is going quite well. I started it with Bernat baby yarn, sport weight, in white and am going to graduate down to a variegated purple green and white Bernat and then to a dark purple that I recycled from a Goodwill sweater. I am almost finished with the white already. However, the progress gets slower with each row as each row gets longer. Pictures coming soon.

My son asked me to knit him a hacky sack ball. That should be fun. I told him I would put it on the list. I have to finish the cross stitch for his friend in his office first. Maybe it would be fruitful to list all of my ongoing projects here. Then again, maybe not. Someone might come haul me off to the funny farm after seeing how long the list is.

Is anybody out there?

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