The Gifts

This is probably my last post about Christmas 2012.  I know all the presents won’t be listed here, but here are some of my favorites.  Dale liked her new oven mitts that I made for her.  I’m glad I was able to get them finished in time, complete with matching apron.

Dale's New Oven Mitts

Ebby found holiday bliss in her new deer antler chew bone that Santa put in here stocking.  Who knew these things were edible?

Ebby with her deer antler

This is a picture book that I made for Luke.  To make the pages, I used photos of recognizable objects and people and surged the paper pages between two pieces of tablecloth grade plastic.  The book is super durable and can be chewed on as much as he likes.  The edges are all surged and the cover/rings I bought in the cross stitch section of my local Hobby Lobby.

Luke's Book

Here is William modeling his new dog shirt that I made for him and below Luke is sporting his matching one.  I made these shirts at least 6 months ago and could not put them on the blog because they were gifts.  I am so glad that all the clothes I made for the boys gifts fit this year!

William's New Shirt

Dale is holding a necklace that I made from a piece of Aunt Dodie’s tatting and some store bought findings.  The tatting is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and then inserted into a silver frame.  The pendant is then hung on a silver necklace ring.  I love the result and plan to tat a small motif for my own necklace sometime this year.  These may even find their way onto my Etsy shop in the future.

Dale and Dodie's Tatting

Luke sporting his new dog shirt.

Luke in his new shirt

Finally got a shot of the stocking I made for Sara.  She is really into cooking.

Sara's Stocking

Sara gave me a new bag that she sewed all by herself.  Since she is really not passionate about sewing at this moment, it took a real effort for her to create something for me using the sewing machine.  I am so proud of her.  The bag is made from a recycled sweater that she found at Goodwill (exactly what I would have used!) and it is the perfect size for my knitting.  It really means a lot when someone uses their time to work on creating something specifically for me.  I would rather have the gift of someone’s time than any other gift in the world.  So here is my new super special knitting bag.

My New Bag

Finally, I knew that Scott was going to receive a GoPro camera for Christmas and thought it would be fun if he could attach it to a radio controlled vehicle to take some motion shots.  Any old radio controlled vehicle would just not do, however, and so I had to get something that would be special to where we live.  Below is what I found.  I bought two of them and gave one to William (and family) to take home with them to Colorado.  A great reminder of the Christmas that they came down to visit us at the farm, don’t you think?  It runs fast and am I looking forward to borrowing it in the future, if he lets me :-)

Scott's New Toy

Christmas Day on the Farm

The presents have been opened and waffles and sausage consumed. Rain is falling.  It is beautiful. Sara is in the kitchen making pecan cookies and we will soon depart for the elder Fillmer’s house for Christmas Day brunch and gift exchange.  Everyone received something that was a surprise and everyone seemed to like the gifts they received.

Gifts are all out and ready for opening

Gifts are all out and ready for opening

Waiting to see what Santa has brought.

Waiting to see what Santa has brought.

Stockings First

Stockings First

I love Christmas!

I love Christmas!

Movie time for the guys.

Movie time for the guys.

More details on specific gifts upcoming.  Happy Christmas everyone!!!


Look Who Came To Visit

Week Fifty – Gifts

This week’s post is all about gifts.  First I’ll start with the gift of an amazing husband who cares for me way more than I could ever deserve.  This past week, my laptop that I use for doing my job died.  My job is done completely online and there are several programs that I use that have to be configured just so in order for me to do my job properly.  Thanks to my husband, and some awesome tech support from Liberty University (my employer), we were able to get my iMac configured for my work tasks within a few hours of the crash.  The most amazing thing, though, is that my super hero of a husband had my laptop back up and running by the next day, complete with new hard drive and ALL my data files recovered.  He is so amazing!!

Second on the list is a gift I made for a friend who is having a baby shower this week.  Since I saw how much my kids keep my grandson in his sleep sack that I made for him, I decided to make one for my friend.  She is a Bama fan, so, the addition of a patch to the front of the sack was a special added touch.  I hope she likes it.

The third gift I would like to mention is the gift of doctors, friends, and pastors who care about me and were there for me this last time I was hospitalized.  During my absence from blog posting, I was hospitalized again for sepsis and it was anything but fun.  This time was not as life threatening as the last, because we caught it sooner, but going to the hospital once a year is not something I am interested in doing.  The sepsis is an issue that, if caught quickly enough, can be treated at home with the appropriate antibiotics.  I just have to make sure and watch closely for the signs.  This is a learning process.  This time, like last time, I really thought I had the flu or something viral.  A few days into it, when we figured out that it was not viral and it was similar to last year, it was too late to treat at home and off to the hospital I went.  Ugh!  I am feeling much better now and back to sewing up a storm!

That brings me to the fourth gift.  I have been teaching a friend to sew for the past few weeks and this week she made an absolutely adorable sleeper for a gift for a friend.  The sleeper was made of fleece and went together so quickly that I decided my grandsons really needed to have one, too.  So, I located some fleece on sale and a couple of patterns and have been whipping these things out like mad.  I think they may be finished in time to get to them as additional Christmas gifts.  Whoot!!

There is much more to post about, but it will have to wait till the next installment.  For now I leave you with this quote:

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” ~ Douglas Adams

Week Nineteen – The Weather Is Here…

I wish you were beautiful…Ah, yes, Jimmy Buffet lives on…

This is the third week of May and it was in the mid 40s last night.  For the past three days we have had rain, wind, and huge clouds covering the sun.  It is Alabama in May, it should be approaching 100+.  Strange!!

With the weather like this, I have had lots of creative time with my knitting needles and my sewing machine.  This week I made a new hat for Luke.


While doing this hat, I confirmed that I really like to do colorwork and so you will probably see lots more colorwork socks in the days to come.

I also found a free pattern on the internet for a very simple zippered travel pouch.  Here is a link to several:  The one I used is one of these, but I forget which one.  The other day I realized that since I will never have just one project going at a time, I should come up with a way to grab a particular project and go…  This travel pouch is perfect for sock knitting.  I can put the yarn, needles, completed sock #1 and sock in progress #2 all in the bag.  Having lots of awesome prints in my stash from my quilting days makes the choices of fabrics for the bags endless!  Here are two of them…

Saturday, May 14, 2011, was my 45th birthday.  My mother-in-law made a quilt for me and surprised me with it at dinner.  The most wonderful thing about this gift is that it is a quilt.  Since I have been a national quilting teacher and am able to create virtually every type of quilt out there today, everyone just assumes that I would have lots of quilts lying around my house.  I have none.  The ones I made were either never finished, or given away as gifts.  Funny, the last thing you really want to do after working on teaching quilting all day, is go home and quilt.  So, I now have a beautiful quilt to call my own.  Awesome!  Photos to come later, though, since she has not quilted it yet…Boo

Finally, this week, our little blue truck, the one we got from David when mom passed, has died.  On a bright note, we still sold it for a nice sum and the buyer had it shipped to Indiana.  Who knew that we had an enthusiasts vehicle in our possession?  We are back down to one car for a few weeks.  Ah well, life goes on…

Quote of the Week: “Do not use a cannon to kill a mosquito” Confucius (551-478 BC)