Baby Dress Embroidery

Last post I determined the pattern and fabric that I would be using for the baby dress I am making as a gift for a friend.  In this post, we look at the embroidery.  The pattern called for Lazy Daisies, but I opted for bullion daisies instead.  Really, any flower could be used here, but I just like making bullion knots, so this was my personal preference.  If you have never done this type of knot, here is a tutorial from one of my favorite needlepoint and embroidery sites.

Embroidery in progress

As you can see, I have not cut the piece out, but rather drawn the outline of the pattern piece on the fabric.  The reason for this will be clear in the next post.

Embroidery Close-up

Close up of the embroidery unit.  After completing the embroidery, I read and re-read the  pattern for assembly.  I could still be wrong, but at this point, I have decided that this pattern (Simplicity #2392) has an error in it.  The pattern tells you to cut 2 of the hem band.  This is what I did.  One piece for the facing and one piece for the actual band that I then embroidered.  From what I can tell, the pattern actually needs two bands and two facings in order to accommodate the entire hem.  So, I cut another band and embroidered it as well.  If, somehow, I don’t need it later on, I will just use it for another dress, or something.

Smocking on Sleeve (from the movie Impromptu)

Finally, here is a quirky thing that I do while watching period dramas (my favorite type of movie, tv, etc.).  When I see a costume or a part of a costume that I like, or would like to recreate, I pause the film and take a photo with my phone of the screen.  This dress (above) is from the movie Impromptu and I really love the smocking detail on the sleeves.  Cool, huh?  Am I the only one who does this?

Gift for a new baby – A sew along

Well, not really a sew along, unless you somehow have the pattern and want to dive in, but it is more like a follow along.  I thought I would start to document the process of the dresses and things I make so there would be a record of how I create these things and so you can comment (please do) to let me know if there might be a better way.  :-)

Since Scott works for the church, we have know quite a few people.   At any given time, any of them could be having a baby, getting married, etc.  So, there is usually a gift project of some kind in my queue at all times.  This time it is a gift for friends who are having a baby girl.  This is probably my favorite gift to make.  I know you can understand why.  Here is the dress I chose for this project:

Pattern #2392 and Fabric

I am making dress B complete with bonnet.

Cutting Layout

I won’t show you how I cut out the pieces, because I rarely follow the cutting diagram (see above), but I do always follow the grain-line arrows on the pattern pieces.  More often than not, I have found this one detail to be of extreme importance.

Before cutting out any of the pattern pieces, I separated out those that would be needing embroidery on them and set them aside.  All other pieces were then cut.  The pattern gives some really wonky instructions for doing the embroidery after the dress (and bonnet) have been partially assembled.  I don’t like this method, so here is how I do this step.

Taking the pattern pieces for the yoke, bonnet, and hem band, I laid them on the fabric and cut rectangles/squares that would accommodate the layout of each piece.  Then I cut and fuse the appropriate fusible webbing to one of each piece of fabric square/rectangle.  Taking that prepared fabric and using a washable marker, I trace the outline of the section of the pattern piece where the embroidery needs to be placed.  Then I take them square to my light table where I can transfer the markings for the embroidery to each piece.  Once this is done, the embroidery can be done on each piece and then the pattern piece can be cut out afterwords.  This allows for the embroidery to be done on a larger piece of fabric that won’t stretch out or become distorted.  It makes for much easier handling.  In addition, if your markings are off, you can then cut your pattern piece accordingly, rather than having to redo the embroidery, etc.

Embroidery details - marked and ready to go

Next post: Embroidery

One of Four Easter Dresses- In Progress

This is one of four Easter dresses I have been commissioned to complete for a customer here in Auburn.  All four dresses are virtually the same, save for a few minor embroidery details, and all four range in age/size from 12 months to 11 years.  The dresses will have puffed short sleeves with lace around the cuffs (obviously, no sleeves have been completed yet).  The lighting is terrible and the dress is not completely sewn together (more like just thrown on the mannequin for a photo), but I just wanted to document the progress.  Back to it…

Week Three // We’re Expecting

Well, ok, technically, “WE” are not expecting, but our kids are!  We found out this week that our son and his wife are expecting their second child (cough, cough…girl) in September.  William is going to have a baby brother or SISTER to take care of soon.  They will find out the sex of the baby at approximately 15 weeks or so.  Until then we just wait…

Today’s basketball game is Auburn vs. Alabama.  We pretty much make every home game, as it is a great venue for knitting and we both enjoy watching the game.  This particular game is extra sweet because Alabama will be handing over the Iron Bowl trophy and singing the Auburn Fight Song at half time.  Did I mention that we won the Iron Bowl?  War Eagle!  Oh yes, and the BCS National Championship Trophy will also be in the house for all to admire (ogle/covet).  I suppose I should mention, for those who don’t know, we won that too!  War Damn Eagle!!

On the crafting front this week, I finished my Remembrance Ring and made great progress on the cross stitch I started when I got home from the hospital.  Hopefully, the cross stitch will be completed next week.  Here are some photos of the ring.  I just love it and it was so easy!  What do you think?

The Big Announcement // Etsy Shop is Open

Remember how I said I was looking for a 3 month old to do some modeling for me?  I found one!  Meet Lauren…

And, now that I have the photo shoot done, I can make it official.  I finally have the first item in my new Etsy shop.  The name of the shop is ArwensChild.  I am so excited about the new business, although only having one item in the shop is a little pathetic, it is a start.  Please go have a look and tell me what you think.  Better yet, if you would like to order a dress or Christening Gown, or know someone who would, please give me a shout.  More photos of more items to come…I am working as fast as I can.

Fair Winds…

Galadriel // Finally A New Pattern


I finally found the time to sit down and put together this pattern.  The Atlanta Knitters Guild Secret knit-a-long took place in June, 2009.  Since starting back to school I have not had time to do much designing or editing and so now it is November and the pattern, somehow, is complete and ready for sale.


I have another pattern in the queue and one in the head, so maybe I can stay motivated to get them out for you all soon.  The next Secret of the Stole Knit-A-Long will probably be next year sometime, but I have no idea when.  The two patterns that I have coming up are more narrow in theme and are really not suitable for a “world-wide” knit-a-long.  There will be another one, I just don’t know when.

Here are the links to Galadriel:

Patternfish and    

I hope you enjoy it.  Fair Winds, DK the Nautical Knitter