Wee Care Gowns

Here is a photo of the preemie gowns that I recently sent off to a hospital in South Miami.  These gowns are for families who have babies early that generally don’t survive.  The gowns are for burial, or for keepsakes for the parents.  To read more about the gowns and to see more photos, visit Scott’s blog.

Preemie Gowns

Took a break today from the Easter dresses to complete another preemie gown.  I am sending these gowns to a hospital in South Miami who will use them as keepsakes and burial gowns for the infants that are lost each year.  The hospital averages 5-15 per month.  I can’t make that many, but I can do whatever I can to make the parent’s loss more bearable.  The pattern for this dress came from Threads of Love.

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